akron concrete containment vessels


Akron Concrete Products offers a range of memorialization and cemetery enrichment products fabricated by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality granite.
The extensive selection of ready-to-install products includes personal and community columbarium, private mausoleums, urn pedestals, statuary and benches.

Four color options are available for most of these products: Maple; Mahogany; Absolute Black; Gray.
Many products can be fabricated in two colors, creating striking memorials that can be integrated into any cemetery grounds.
Our experienced design staff is able to assist in creating beautiful, cost-effective solutions for undeveloped property. Our selection of traditional or custom-designed columbarium can be combined with benches, vases, statuary, and ossuary to meet your specific needs.
Simply provide the details and goals of your property development project and we will prepare a proposal with costs and artist's renderings. Items for your consideration include the area to be used, acreage, accessibility, product options and size (such as the number of niche spaces).